Borrani wire wheels

MOR offers the complete range of Borrani wire wheels and accessories.

Only the perfect synergy between the latest exclusive metal spinning technology and the most capable manual skills gained over 80 years of wheel centering, balancing and assembling, could give birth to the most ambitious challenge of Borrani: creating the modern wire wheel.

The mechanical system is extraordinarily complicated and protected by several international patents.

64 steel wires are woven by hand into the cold-machined, 6082-alloy aluminium rim. Lightness, strength and precision blend into the perfect design.

Only those who invented the wire wheel could reinvent it.

The Borrani range includes more than 8000 different wheels, spinners and centre hubs.

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The official Borrani restoration service includes repair, cleaning, re-polishing of the rim, renewal of the identification stampings, new spokes and re-chroming of the hub.

Painted wheels will also be restored to their original specifications, using the correct paint and color shades.

We at MOR will handle your restauration project.

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Not all used wire wheels can be restored. This depends on the general condition, on possible damages and on the rim thickness.

All restored wheels will obtain a progressive factory code that includes the restoration date, and can obtain a Certificate of Authenticity on simple demand.

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