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People who deal with vintage cars know that the work is never ending. In order to maintain a valuable car you need plenty of know-how, a perfectionist nature and a passion for cars. We are happy to support you, and not only when you need new tyres on your car. If you have more questions then please contact us - our professional team is glad to be of help.

The writing on a tyre: How do I identify my tyre type?

There is a whole lot of information on the tyre flanks. You are informed about size, load, maximum air pressure and the age of the tyre.

The measurements may look like the following: 205/70R15 90 W. When broken down this means:

  • Tread width 205 mm.
  • Profile 70% (and not 70 mm, as is often assumed) in relationship to the tread.
  • Wheel rim diameter 15 inches.
  • The "R" stands for radial construction.
  • The "90" refers to the load and can be deciphered using a table in Kilograms (in this case 90 = 600 kg).
  • "W" stands for the speed limit (in this case "W" = 270 km/h).

For diagonal tyres all measurements are in inches, for example 5.60-15 P.Here even the tyre width is given only in inches.  A low profile did not yet exist.    

Maintenance and assembly

We have provided on this page are a few tips for the care and installation for you to download so that you enjoy using our products we have.  

Download our tips