MOR Collection

We do not just sell tyes for vintage cars, we also drive them. Following we want to show you some great classics with pefect tyre fitments on. All tested by our staff and good friends of MOR.

BMW 1600 Cabrio

Just about 1700 convertibles of the BMW 1600 were built at the Baur Factory between 1968 and 1971. Our new Rallye BMW gave it's debut at the Bodensee Klassik in spring 2015. The mounted 165R13 H rated Michelin XAS tyres gave us full responsive and a perfect, sportive handling at the curvy roads in the Bavarian Allgaeu and Austrian Vorarlberg.

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Mercedes Benz 230SL

Mercedes Benz 230SL Pagode, fitment 185R14 90H Michelin MXV-P 20mm MOR-Whitewall

The legendary Michelin MXV-P fits the "Pagoda" perfectly. The car is used on sporty Rallys as well as on Sunday afternoon cruises in the bavarian alps. Our MOR-whitewall is placed uder the protection line and save for narrow city parkings.

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VW 1303 Convertible

VW 1303 Convertible, fitted with 175/70R15 86H Vredestein Sprint Classic incl. 20mm MOR-Whitewall

Vredestein has designed a wide range of tyres which combine a classic, nostalgic look with cuttingedge technology. The 175/70R15 Sprint Classic on a 5,0 or 5,5x15 rim fit the Beetle Convertible perfect. The narrow MOR-whitewall makes this special car to an perfect "devil in disguise".

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Porsche 356 B Super 90

Porsche 356 B Super 90, fitte with 165R15 86H Michelin XAS

From its launch in 1965, the XAS remained the reference tyre until the end of the ʹ70s. It was the first tyre with an asymmetrical tread pattern, with the inside and outside of the XAS working differently to give the vehicle an optimal balance.   

As asymmetric as a foot!   

...and the pefect fitment for Porsche 356.

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Porsche 911 E 2,4 Coupé

Porsche 911 E 2,4, fitted with 185/70R15 89V Michelin XWX

Pushing back the boundaries
The XWX, was the only radial tyre that could be fitted on the fastest cars in the world in the 1970s. It provided these high peformance vehicles with exceptional road holding and remarkable grip.   

A construction designed to reach 300km/h (186 mp/h). The special features of the XWX ensure that it delivers outstanding parformance, combining speed, driving pleasure and safety. The original design of its internal construction, together with it's flexible carcass, give  exceptional comfort when travelling at very high speeds. As it is a VR category tyre, the XWX is now homologated for use at a maximum speed of 270 km/h (167 mph).

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Austin Healey 3000 MK2

Austin Healey 3000 MK2, 1967, fitted wih 185R15 93H Michelin XVS-P on wirewheels 5,5x15 XW457

Based on 5,5" rims with 72 spokes the 185R15 Michelin XVS holds this Healey perfect on the road.

The XVS – P is a further development of the XVS requested by certain manufacturers. The P (for "protection") highlights the fact that the tyre includes a heavy-duty rubber bead on its outer sidewall, in order to protect the wheel or hubcap from kerbside fiction.

available as complete wheel or a tyre only.