The vintage passion: A hobby and an economical factor

According to the national department for motor vehicles, there are almost one million vintage cars in Germany - this includes all cars that are more than twenty years old. And the number is rapidly increasing! Now women too are dicovering this hobby. Acquiring exact figures as to how many vintage models exist is difficult because many are unregistered. These are unlicensed cars that stand in people's garages. However, the vintage car magazine Motor Classic points out that despite this the vintage car industry is a huge economical factor:

5 million euros have been spent on this hobby. The magazine states: "200,000 vehicles have a vintage car license - this alone brings in aprox. 37.6 million euros per year in vehicle tax. This does not include the many youngtimers, small cars and other licensed vehicles, nor does it include the over 330,000 vintage motorcycles". If you also consider the cost of insurance, travel, clothing, repairs and equipment you can imagine what dimensions are at stake.

And yet most vintage car enthusiasts have medium level incomes. This shows that retro vehicles are by no means an elite hobby - quite the opposite in fact: In this scene the various events are a good opportunity to get to know other motor sports fans, chat about experiences and make plans for own events. You can drive your way through the seasons via fairs, rallies and vintage get-togethers: This hobby has opportunities for every kind of interest and every wallet size.